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Exide Technologies operates in more than 80 countries, has products and services to meet all the energy storage needs of the Industrial market and start up. With over 120 years in the battery business, Exide has, the experience, the advanced means of development and research as well as the knowledge and ability to offer all kinds of solutions to the various energy storage needs.

The Exide product is divided into the following areas:

  • Start-up batteries and deep cycles for the most varied auto applications such as trucks, SUV's, heavy duty vehicles, commercial, light, marine, lawn mowers, as well as many other niche applications.
  • Batteries whose application is intended for movement such as forklifts, platforms, sweepers and floor washers, mining equipment, elevators, electric veícluos and with automated guide, personnel transportation, airports and other commercial vehicles.
  • Batteries for telecommunications systems, electrical equipment, computers, security systems, emergency lighting, UP's, hospital equipment, trains, military equipment used in critical mission environments.


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