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Lubricants and Pasta


Ingralub Is the first brand of lubricants Portuguese in the private sector Production capacity and development of new lubricants.  It works with the aim of evolving in the national market to arrive positively and consolidated to its consumers. For this, all products have been carefully Studied  In order to achieve a high degree of Quality and better market acceptance.

Ingralub has a range of modern and complete lubricants for various sectors of activity. In particular in the field of automobiles Light Heavy and operating in difficult operations, industrial stationary engine and navigation equipment.

Ingralub is specialized in the formulation of lubricating masses and specific products for the most varied applications of the auto industry and industry.


Ingralub's analysis laboratory allows efficient and immediate control according to various parameters on the lubricants produced or analysed.

THE Rigour of the applied methods associated with the experience of technicians, ensure the full conformity of their entire range of products according to the most demanding European standards. In the quality Department of Ingralub is made a dynamic control not only on the finished product but also in all the steps of the manufacturing process following a specific methodology of quality control process:

1st Selection – Judicious and studied selection of raw materials to be acquired;

2nd provenance – Acquisition of raw materials to reputable suppliers in the sector;

3rd Development-Specified physicochemical formulations tested and proven;

4th Standardization – Presentation of the whole range according to the same quality criteria;

5th Safety-Establishment of stringent safety standards that guarantee when a risk-free manipulation of the entire product range is applied;

6º Verification - Constant analysis of the performance demonstrated by the products to the consumer.

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