Tudor presents its supply of batteries "Tudor Heavy" for heavy duty vehicles and industrial sector which provides great operational advantages and offers a Maximum Resistance to vibrations (HRV ®). The development of HVR ® technology (High vibration resistance) and Free MaintenanceIn general it will allow te battery to be on top of most energetic requirements Demanding.

The lifetime of the battery is heavily affected by the conditions of use, Tudor presents an offer of HEAVY batteries, which aim to cover all the necessary energy needs.

The higher the level of electrical equipment used in the vehicle, driving in long distances in adverse environments or extreme temperatures, the greater the energy use is needed. The Correct choice Of the battery, is also key, Life span can be increased by monetizing the money paid and avoiding a premature replacement.

Each battery is created and designed to adapt to the desired needs.

A Full range, with differentiated dimensions, with and without maintenance of 115ah to 235ah



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Tudor is launching the next generation of car batteries with Significant gains At the level of Efeciência and Performance. Many of the ideas they will find in the new range, were initially developed for the main manufacturers of motor vehicles.

The new high Tech TUDOR battery with carbon reinforcement Loads faster Thanks to the application of carbon additives on the negative plates. This technique was discovered during the development of the AGM and EFB Ranges, which led to an improved load acceptance and a significant reduction in load times. The High Tech battery with carbon reinforcement was designed to withstand the extreme temperatures , food equipment with great need for energy and intense urban driving .

TUDOR Technica battery is proven to be A capable battery , for all modern vehicles with standard equipment and daily use. Like all TUDOR batteries, the grids of the Téchnica range also belong to the new and robust 3DX diamond technology which guarantees better electrical performance and a Longer life span.

The solution Economic For older vehicles with basic equipment levels.

Although economic maintains a high degree of quality.

White line battery produced by Exide at Price  Low Cost

The range of batteries Start-Stop, Tudor High Tech contains a new technology for single carbon reinforcement and Technologically advanced components , as the proven 3DX armor. They were designed to equip modern vehicles with the most advanced fuel-saving functions.

The Tudor, launched the First AGM Battery For Start-Stop in 2004. Technology has evolved rapidly since then, and with each new generation, it has achieved great gains in terms of efficiency and performance. Achieving the stringent requirements of car manufacturers, giving the sector the replacement market, Confidence in quality of the products. It is especially suitable for cars equipped with a Start-Stop system and/or with regenerative brakes, also Supports slow downloads of navigation equipment as well as other intelligent energy-saving systems.

Tudor manufactures batteries for Any vehicle With similar characteristics to the implements in the production lines of the brands of the automobile industry. From the most common battery, as the normally applied in Asian vehicles, with the Positive left and a finer structure, Tudor thus ensures a full range and high quality.

Small Motors

Exide, produces batteries for high performance bikes, designed for those who require the best of your bike, boat etc. They use the most advanced components and materials, Exide products are recognized by their Quality and durability  and are used for work, leisure and competition sports both on land and at sea.

Exide Gel It is the best choice for premium motorcycles and motor sports. Designed to provide the Maximum Comfort On the road, ease in handling and ideal to feed equipment with much need of energy such as: Audio, ABS, GPS, additional lights and heating systems, heated handles. are completely no Splash, no splill and highly resistant to vibrations Which makes them ideal for all kinds of roads including all terrain. They have protection for deep discharges and a very low self-discharge which makes them perfect for long periods of storage and seasonal use. Gel technology was originally invented by Exide, and is currently the preferential battery for application on motorcycles.


AGM Ready Batteries provide the Maximum power, and are as always desired "Install and forget". Do not require ínicial filling or leveling! The battery is anti-derrames, splash and resistant to high vibrations, ideal for motorized, all-terrain sports and use in extreme conditions. Exide AGM Ready offers an incredible capacity and a Exceptional start-up power Cold in all weather conditions, which makes it also ideal for jet skis.



Exide AGM offers great reliability throughout the lifetime, Easily supports low temperatures of winter and other adverse conditions. It's a fully battery No maintenance, you only need to fill ínicial to start using. AGM batteries are indicated for most applications including high-powered scooters.



Conventional Exide batteries are designed for older vehicles and with basic needs of energy and exposed to daily driving conditions. They are also a good option for gardening tractors and other similar vehicles.

What about the old battery?    Give it to us.

We take care of the whole process so that it earns a new life, being recycled.


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