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The dynamic synergy that exists between all of Cummins ' global businesses ensures that its customers receive more advanced technology, better delivery, and delivering capabilities. From Cummins headquarters, on all continents, your dedicated staff and high quality suppliers serve customers more efficiently and effectively in each of your markets. With a global customer base that includes hundreds of OEMs, thousands of agents/distributors and millions of end-users, Cummins Filtration/Fleetguard offers Reliability In addition to the OE specifications and customer requirements. Through Fleetguard, Cummins covers a wide range of motor applications in all markets to meet the needs of its customers


Dedicated to Reliability

As the only manufacturer of filters that is also part of a motor manufacturer, Cummins knows exactly how to provide the best in the engine protection period. This relationship means it has the benefit of developing products directly and together with the development of each engine, testing the capabilities in engine test cell environments and dozens of field tests around the world. Its technology has been tested with Million kilometers, hundreds of thousands of lab hours and in the real world, using a mechanism analysis, so you can rely on your solutions to do the job, always. Cummins believes that each company is defined by the people they hire to serve their customers and are very proud that their employees are also passionate about products and customers.

Air filtration Fleetguard Air filtration products are designed to effectively reduce the amount of harmful particles to the engine operation. The entire Fleetguard range is designed to prolong engine life, not compromise your performance and monetize fuel consumption. Any Fleetguard product meets or exceeds the quality and performance standards required by a new engine. Oil filtration Fleetguard oil filters incorporate higher filtration techniques your aim is to remove all particles of dirt that can affect the engine mainly with soot. Soot is generated by the combustion process and forms sludge in the oil. If it is not kept under control through effective filtration, this highly abrasive material will cause dramatic wear on an engine and adversely affect its profitability. Fuel Filtration With the increasing demands of emission control and fuel economy, Cummins filtration fuel filtration products provide critical protection for diesel engine fuel systems components with the aim of achieving Better performance and reliability. Fuel journals be the power source of the engine, it also performs several other key functions: Lubrication-by parting the movable components in fuel supply and injection pumps Cooling-circulating through the injection system and absorbing unwanted heat Cleaning-transferring contaminants to the fuel filter (s) where they are removed Hydraulic Filtration 80% of the faults of the hydraulic system components are caused by excess contamination in the hydraulic system. It is preferable to eliminate contaminants from the Hidralico system from the beginning through effective maintenance processes, however, Cummins Filtration offers a comprehensive range of replacement filters for return, pressure and off-line systems and covers a Wide variety of applications. It also produces four households for general use of filter heads that cover different flow and pressure requirements in a variety of filtration efficiencies. Carter ventilation Closed: Fleetguard Closed Crankcase Ventilation products (CCV) protect the engine and provide the best solution for emission removal-helping to reduce oil consumption, eliminating mist, aerosol vapors and oil dripping in the engine compartment. Open: Fleetguard Open Crankcase Ventilation products (OCV) protect the engine and provide the best solution for emission removal-helping to reduce oil consumption by eliminating mist, aerosol vapors and oil dripping in the engine compartment.

Wherever you are

Cummins Filtration/Fleetguard is a global company with business organizations, manufacturing, distribution and sales points that extend all over the world. Each of its facilities is Strategically placed to ensure accessibility and Quality Of the products to customers, regardless of their location. They have 5 technical centres (Cookeville, Tennessee, Stoughton, Wisconsin, Quimper, France, Pune, India, Wuhan, China), 13 manufacturing facilities (Cookeville, Tennessee, Neillsville, Wisconsin, San Luis Potosi, Mexico, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Quimper, France, Izmir, Turkey, Johannesburg, South Africa, Pune, India, Shanghai, China, Suwon, Korea, Kilsyth, Australia) and more than 33000 points of sale worldwide.

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