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Tudor has been developing its activity in the battery market for more than 120 years, currently belonging to a world-leading group of Exide.

Exide Technologies, is marketed in more than 80 countries, and the TUDOR brand name marketed in Portugal has a long history in manufacturing and distribution in and out of our country, has a wide range of services and has the knowledge and infrastructure necessary to be among the world's leading manufacturers.

The owner of numerous logistics platforms, research laboratories and factories located in strategic locations in Europe, Asia and the USA. Exide, Works, innovates, develops advanced materials, products and processes that can meet the global needs of solutions for energy storage.

Through the Automation division, Tudor has made available to customers a wide range of batteries with the highest standards of quality and design, both for original equipment and for replacement, covering a large park ranging from vehicles Light, industrial, agricultural machinery, motorbikes, boats and vehicles for sports or leisure applications, until the new Micro-híbridos vehicles equipped with Start & Stop devices. A certified equipment supplier obliges a demanding quality control, all replacement batteries produced comply with the highest quality standards, both in the completion of the product and in the processes by the vehicle manufacturers.

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