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TheThe GlobalFiltros is Official representative of WIX in Portugal.


Since 1939, WIX ® filters has been Innovative in filtration products. The WIX Projects, manufactures and distributes Products for markets of self-motivated, diesel, agricultural, industrial and specialized filters. Its product line includes oil, air, cabin interior, fuel, refrigeration, transmission and hydraulic filters for automobiles, lorries, off-road equipment and manufacturing applications

When it comes to the replacement market, the Quality That's all. The adjustment, shape and function should be as good or better than the specifications established by the original equipment manufacturers. Anything less is unacceptable for spare parts that not only affect the performance and longevity of the vehicle, but also the safety of the operator and the passengers.

In today's global economy, however, meet or exceed the OEM Standards For adjustment, shape and function are no longer sufficient. It is necessary to cross the globe in search of more competitive costs, without ever compromising the quality.

Quality is incorporated into all products, originating from research and development and performance with manufacturing best practices, quality assurance tests and road performance evaluations. WIX engineers continually validate quality through audits and daily production testing.

The continuous improvement of products and processes is confirmed with the support Certifications Internationally recognized quality. The manufactures comply strictly with the internal technical specifications necessary for the construction of the products, as well as ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001 standards, original equipment manufacturers and SAE.

Air Filters The engine does not like impurities Heavy machinery rarely works in sterile conditions. They usually suck a lot of pollutants out of the environment. WIX provides effective protection for engines against abrasive substances. Oil filters Proper motor protection The engine must be clean to function perfectly. WIX filters effectively protect your motor from premature wear and malfunction, ensuring that there are no impurities, dust or metal in the motor along with the oil. Fuel filters Fuel burns not water. WIX filters with water separation provide the engine with clean fuel only, which ensures better efficiency and longer lifespan. These are the most efficient filters, preventing solid impurities (rust, algae, sludge) and others as small as 2 microns. Hydraulic and auxiliary filters The engine does not like impurities Wix filters offer complete solutions and complementary products. These include hydraulic filters, air dryers, refrigeration filters, desiccant respirators with gel pellets, fuel test sets, tank snakes... and everything that leads to perfect purity. Passenger compartment Filters The best protection for the driver For the most demanding conditions, a cabin air filtration system is essential. Should always be in good condition, both for the good of the driver and for the performance of the engine. And all thanks to the innovative Microban system.

WIX and the World

WIX's representatives around the world share a relentless commitment to quality. Its goal is to increase customers ' expectations in terms of adjustment, form and function, cost and service to a level in which WIX is the only company that can compete.

Regardless of the language, the message is clear: if it is provided by Wix, it is the best you can buy.

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